analog v. digital thinking

We understand thoughts to be objects. Not embodied, sure,but definitely items that can be manipulated, viewed from multiple perspectives, have the potential to direct action (and so become embodied), and clutter our brain-space. But of course, they are always in response to Context; the world in which we float presses in and causes ripples, and those ripples are "thoughts". The ripples bounce around, interact and evolve until they (sometimes) become coherent enough to be explicit directives. 

That process is always in conversation with the world around us, and so can be fundamentally effected by how we choose to relate with our surroundings. When we relate "in analog", we are letting what is actually there to cause an impression. There is a mechanical directness to the way that concrete reality is translated into our internal world, and most of our energy is directed outwardly so that we might collect information with utmost clarity. 

When thinking becomes "digital", though, the world around us looks to be filled with representative objects, each with stories and meanings and weight that we have given them. The inherent peace of our inner mind is shattered by the noisy, never-ending, almost-political calculation of what our reality "means".  There are thoughts about thoughts about thoughts, and action becomes wooden and slow. 

I'm going to go put a record on.