Will Belew is a musician and coach in Oakland, CA.


Like most things worth doing, the important parts of fitness happen outside your comfort zone. Really, that’s the only thing the fitness industry can agree on. Whether you’re beating the pulp out of a punching bag or flipping tires or putting in 60-mile trail-running weeks, your body only changes when it’s not quite up for the task at hand. 

Getting and keeping people in that place--where changes happen--is my job. Relying on a broad training toolkit, I acknowledge that each person carries with them a unique, physical story. That story is written into the way that each of us move, and it’s a story that I love to read. It’s also a choose-your-own-adventure story...so long as you help your body keep up with your dreaming. And while specific goals vary between those who I work with, they are united in their desire to be better. 

Let’s see where your story goes. 



Growing up on the beach in Southern California, I was semi-serious soccer player until age 15 when a jump-and-twist ended badly. The torn back ligament sidelined me, but got me thinking about how, and why, our bodies fall into disrepair. Training for “straight-ahead” sports (as in, no turning required) eventually had me doing triathlons, a cross-country bike ride and running the Boston Marathon (as a renegade) twice during college. 

But in what was beginning to be a pattern, another injury prompted some deep soul searching. Pulling up lame during an 18-mile training run with some seriously-neglected IT-band pain, I decided as I walked home that my next goal--my only goal--was simple: to be active and pain-free, until I die.

I moved to Oakland, CA in 2013, and now work to bring people closer to their best self. I run, I lift, I throw things (kettlebells, barbells, my nephews) around, do yoga, and enjoy every minute of it. 


Michelle Augenstein

Michelle Augenstein

"Will's got that elusive combination of high EQ [emotional intelligence] and deep knowledge. He's disciplined in pursuing knowledge and being better at how he delivers what he knows, and he models what success through commitment looks like."

Robert Falconer

Robert Falconer

"Will is such a focused and dedicated trainer. He spent his time getting to know me and my goals/needs and customized a plan that will help get me there. Many other trainers I have worked with have more of a 'cookie cutter' approach and push their own agenda, but Will has been a breath of fresh air. Oh and he kicks my ass too."

"Will is not just a trainer, he is a great friend, and has a mind and heart that never stops giving.  I was wary about enlisting a trainer help me pick myself up after a rough patch in my life.  There was no pressure at all, just tons of knowledge and motivation.  His undivided attention and dedication to my goals and needs were a real help and vote of confidence.  Will never made me feel like I was just another client or that he was just repeating his repertoire with everyone."
- Antonia Bellalta Osbourne

Marta Berry

Marta Berry

"Will helped me by not being judgmental. Whatever I did, it was never wrong. He provided a safe and supportive atmosphere for me to learn about myself."

Nathan Kane

Nathan Kane

"Will tailored a workout routine that fit sustainably into my hectic lifestyle. He taught nutritional principles based on the latest science, and provided specific cooking recipes that balanced health and tastiness. As a result, I've gotten leaner, stronger, and more energetic in a way that's become second nature."



I coach people in three main ways:

  • Small Group Training through the The Fitness Alchemists
  • One-on-one coaching (both Fitness and Nutrition)
  • Remote coaching (Nutrition or Workout Programming)

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  • Level 1 Coach - Precision Nutrition
  • CrossFit Lvl 1

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