eat like a toolshed

Alright, so I posted a rap yesterday. You should probably check it out if you haven't. 

It came partly out my recent listening of Hamilton (finally). Jesus it's good. I wrote about it on Thursday

But it also came out of what I think about most of the day--how people might direct their lives in a way that they feel good about. Food is just one attention-costing decision of many, but it's a concrete and crucial one, and I'm glad to think about so extensively. 

Truly, what I coach most of the time is simply this: slightly deeper-than-average, daily decision-making. I find that while most intervention/coaching programs are directed at either quantifying and assessing the minutiae OR looking and planning big picture; the very best programs do both. 

But I have yet to see a behavioral approach that focuses on the mental discipline involved in making consistent decisions. The more enlightened thinking usually stops at convincing all of us why certain decisions (like, EAT KALE) are good ones to make. But how about the endurance involved  in making that decision week-in, week-out? 

Dan John alludes to something along these lines in his 40 day workouts when he talks about the hardest part being, uh, following the directions. But I am looking at the next step: when people have the "fire" for themselves, and are self-sustaining in their exercise/wellness habits. 

Sounds great, right? The hard part, though, is that being consistent is boring. Like, it works and is sturdy and you start to like it in a an endearing sort of way. And sometimes, it's super important that you cut loose and take a break from all the normalcy. But it's always going to be a little humdrum. Like a toolshed.